I have been seeing Tonia for close to a year now and I have seen my life transform as a result of taking the suggestions given in our sessions and doing the work to apply them in my life.  Tonia incorporates mindfulness coupled with spirituality-based counseling methods that I truly believe had helped me develop positive coping mechanisms and new skills for self-care in my life. I am grateful to have Tonia helping me and investing in my mental health and helping me to regain balance in all areas of my life.  GH


I sought counseling on my own accord at a very transfomational period of my life. By the Grace of God I was matched with Ms. Tonia. She allowed me a safe space, to speak my mind, cry without guilt, talk about my Lord, and share my innermost issues. She always listened without judgement or assumptions, offered sources and ideas through my healing journey.  Ms. Tonia was a source of encouragement and support. She saw my breakdown become my breakthrough and I am thankful to have had her during that period and to continue to have her as a sister in Christ.  MD


I have cried, cursed, smiled and so much more in the safe space of your office…You and your painted picture above your computer have been a constant in my life for the last 10 months, that I learned to open up more with each week…You listened when I can barely speak because tears were running too fast down my face and panic had taken my breath away….You helped me me face some fears and help me find the right coping skills to deal with different situations…The most important thing you’ve helped me learn is that I can be independent and can say NO to others.  MN