The Power Of Never Giving Up In Your Relationship

That’s our story…we almost gave it up…But God!

We are contributing authors in this awesome anthology book led by visionaries Cynthia MarriageVisionary Greene and James Greene – Couples Determined To Make Marriage Great.

After reading these captivating stories, you’ll begin to see how these 20 couples have successfully applied these crucial life lessons to their relationship…

  • The power of establishing solid communication to feel heard and be able to express yourself in a healthy way.
  • Creating win-win situations by leveraging each other’s unique personalities, perspectives, and strengths. That way, you don’t have to do everything alone, and you can tackle life with confidence.
  • The importance of setting boundaries and meeting each other’s needs so both of you can be truly happy and fulfilled.
  • The value of scheduling quality time to be present with each other and to kindle the fire in your romantic life.

And in all 10+ stories, you’ll see that never giving up is the key to creating a happy, fulfilling, and long-lasting marriage.

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